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For Visit Duluth we created destination specific virtual tours for Spirit Mountain and the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center in conjunction with our Winter in 360 tour (above). Then we came back in the summer and created a companion Summer in 360 virtual tour (below) featuring iconic locations throughout the Zenith City.


Glowing informational hotspots capture the viewers attention and share interesting facts about the Duluth destination. Portal icons on prominent 360 panoramas allow you to jump from location to location.

An interactive map acts as a second layer of navigation and quickly lays out the geography of Duluth for visitors. Check for the hidden easter egg that allows you to jump between the summer and winter 360s at most locations.

Standard features like branded menus and the interactive task bar are integrated alongside the premium features. The task bar allows visitors to hide hotspots and the map, enter fullscreen mode and autoplay the tour. All these features automatically adapt to the viewers screen whether it's an iMac, smartphone or Oculus Go VR headset.

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