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Vist Grand Rapids had received grant funding to produce the Live Like a Local campaign. The one stipulation was that the convention and visitors bureau had to feature forward-thinking technology. That's where our Street View Trusted Photography came in.

Having people in 360 photography can make the imagery come alive. At the Lost 40 we featured a young family hiking through the old growth forest. It let's you step into the shoes of a parent exploring the forest with their family.


Don't miss our aerial 360 high above Moose Brook and the old growth forest.

According to the U.S. Forest Service: "The Lost Forty pines are 300-400 years old, originating when the pilgrims came to America. The trees remain as remnants of the natural resources that drew people to new frontiers and shaping America’s character. A one-mile, self-guided trail winds its way through the towering pines of the Lost Forty."

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