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Betty Danger's Ferris Wheel

Street View

Colle + McVoy had a strange ask. Would it be possible to shoot a 360 on the Ferris wheel at the now defunct Betty Danger's in Northeast Minneapolis? Our response: anything's possible.


The first issue was the Ferris wheel's movement. Much like a 360 shot from a boat there's subtle motion between shots. We also photographed each quarter of the 360 in HDR. Removing ghosting and painstakingly adding control points in our professional 360 stitching software resulted in the above images. We'll let you be the judge.


The second issue we had to tackle was navigation. A Ferris wheel doesn't move like a car or bike, but rather like the hands of clock. We used Street View's elevator widget and imagined that each shot was a point on a clock. 1, 2, 3 and 4 round and round you go.

Speciality 360s whether on a canoe, a pontoon or a Ferris wheel are priced to reflect the time required.

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